Friday, December 17, 2010

Life full of mania with a dash of humor and a slice of normality (those are the secret ingredients) Vol 2 Issue 42

After much encouragement from some of my readers (mainly family but I’ll take it) I’ve decided to try and market this blog a little more. During my last session with my counselor I accomplished two milestones, one I gave this link to him (welcome to .e4) and I believe I finally came to terms with how I want this all to go. He asked me when will I think I’ve made it?

“When I’ve helped someone, someone like me.”

Which sounds really good in all but it’s up to me to actually do it of course. I have always complained that in my biggest time of need I could find no information anywhere about this BMD that I could relate to (mood swings my ass, ask my mom if that’s what it’s like as I ball uncontrollably and beg not to hurt anyone) and now I’m doing the same. If I am the gatekeeper, as so is everyone else battling BMD, then what type of person would I be not to share a gift that I may have (it tis the season).

So of course my first act of business to market this craziness was to add my blog address to Bing and Google. As I was completing this task I began realizing that if I am to be successful in this and be true than everything must come out about my past, even the difficult things. I would like to introduce everyone to Tristan…

Tristan is last seen here with his only known accomplice, Boomer (far left). For a crash course on Booms and Trist here’s the story behind the picture. Halloween eve 200? when two young coeds are anxiously awaiting their dates for the movie Saw (perfect way to start the Halloween weekend wouldn’t you say). The doorbell rings and standing outside the door, grabbing their crotches, and mean mugging to all get out is Boomer and Tristan. They fill the night with beer, being bad, and “Fuckin’ Partying!!!”, needless to say I’m protecting the young lady tigers identities.

Tristan is somewhat of an alter-ego I suppose you could say but I haven’t heard of him lately so he was sort of out of sight out of mind (should of learned my lesson about that in North Carolina, I’m technically considered a bootlegger in that state). He use to wreck havoc on my social life in college randomly appearing at nights to totally offend girls and chase away any hopes of mine at being accepted (damn him, damn him).

Like I said I haven’t seen him or Boomer in awhile which is a good thing because like I said I’m trying to build this blog and the last thing I need is those two dicking off. Well of course I spoke too soon because there was a spotting of Boomer over the summer at the funnel slide (they looooove waterparks) in Browntown. I shrugged this off and paid little attention as I was trying to piece my life back together, mistake.

I received an anonymous tip to check out the following link I have no idea what he’s doing in Denver other than pissing off the locals but I’m beginning to get nervous. I mean just when I have built up enough confidence in myself to try and do something good he comes along and starts to ruin it. I’m fairly nervous that if I show my face in Denver ever again it could get ugly. On the brighter side he’s rockin’ a .e4 logo hat so big ups for that one Tristan, I’ll be seeing you soon…


Since many of my manic experiences involve music I’ve decided to add random music videos to the blog for my enjoyment and your inconvenience. Enjoy!
(Since it’s my Dad’s birthday month I’ll be rocking Van Halen all December, Happy Birthday Stubby!)

Coming Correct,

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