Friday, July 13, 2012

Life full of mania with a dash of humor and a slice of normality (those are the secret ingredients) Vol. 4 Issue 25

Well it’s been over three years since I started writing this blog and let me tell you the time has just flown by. When I started writing I had completely lost trust in not only my docs but also my meds (I really don’t have enough time to go into why but I’ll just say they were being bastards). I was living in The Nasty cycling from crying on my bathroom floor to dancing my ass off in the middle of my living room every few minutes; some would say I was a little unstable.

But now I only cry in the bathroom when I get rejected for a date (although that’s more times than I’d like to admit) and I only dance; well I still dance all the time so stop hating. I’ve found my miracle drug of lithium (sorry Big Pharma I know you can’t patent it and make money but it works so I’m using it; I’m also planning on getting even for that so consider yourselves warned) and it’s finally time for me to move on with my life.

I’m starting my internship in a couple weeks for my master’s in sports administration and considering I spent 6 days in a psych ward and believed I ended the world during my studies I’d think I’m doing fairly well. Sure I was convinced that I started the apocalypse and my punishment was to watch my friends, family and all mankind die in front of my eyes as I walked the scorched earth but I mean stop judging me. As tough as it is (not really) I’ve made the very difficult (rather easy actually) decision to take my talents (or lack thereof) back to the South after I graduate.

Since I’m all grown up now and not acting like I’m immature juvenile (well not all the time at least) my schedule is going to start filling up. No more dicking around because life is right around the corner. I’m not sure how much I’m going to be blogging anymore because, well because I think it’s time to move on. I’m still planning on writing every other week or so but I feel like it’s time to focus on my life a little more. Now for my Mom and the few other avid followers have no fear you’ll get your fix becasue I am writing more on the side with different projects. I’ve actually been working on a novel loosely based on my manic experiences. I’m going to try and recreate what it’s like in one of my manic episodes and I’m dubbing it “A psychotic adventure through a mysteriously manic mind.” (sounds pretty good right, well hopefully I can pull it off).

Before I start being part of society again I’m heading on another vacation next week because I’ve only been to Vegas & DC this year.  So obviously I need to hit the ATL and Denver before reentering real life. Before I head out for the next couple weeks I wanted to say thanks for the support and leave you all with an amusing vacation story from Australia (didn’t I tell you I studied abroad in Sydney?).

It’s October and a good number of us ‘Mericans decided to take a spring break trip (southern hemisphere remember; they also have the tradition down under of Santa delivering presents on a surfboard which was cool-the Speedos were a bit much though) to northern Australia. We all were taking a flight up to Cairns to scuba dive in the Great Barrier reef and for me to win a free bungee jump from a bar game (what can I say my frog was a bad ass). Luckily I had visited Nimbin and the old lady selling “special” cookies on the side of the library the week before and had a few of them left for the flight.

There were about fifteen of us all waiting in the security line for the airport for spring break when I decided to get a snack before the flight. I figured if I got a pretty descent buzz for the flight the movie and experience would be so much better. I of course told no one I was eating those “special” cookies and started munching away when a young demon deacon lady asked for one. I of course am a gentleman and gave her one without a word. I’m smirking trying to hold my laughter in as she starts crushing that cookie. She almost finishes when it hits her that they taste a little like something illegal so she spins around to me and asks:

“Are these pot cookies in the airport you crazy bastard?”

I laugh and say:

“Yep, you better finish before we get the security checkpoint and oh you’re welcome. I really think it’s gonna help with this 3 hour flight and a great way to kick off our vacation. I hope they play a good movie on the way up there.”

She just laughed, inhaled the rest and got through security just fine. And you know what? They played “Finding Nemo” on the flight and I swore to God I was one of those sea turtles. I think she thought she was Dory so I’d say all in all it was a rather successful start to my vacation. I’ll see everyone in a few weeks; unless I do something real immature and juvenile like bring pot cookies into the airport (but hey it worked before).
Since many of my manic experiences involve music I’ve decided to add random music videos to the blog for my enjoyment and your inconvenience. Enjoy!

Coming Correct,

Friday, July 6, 2012

Life full of mania with a dash of humor and a slice of normality (those are the secret ingredients) Vol. 4 Issue 24

Happy Belated Birthday America! I forgot to get you something but really what do you give the best country in the world? I did see you doing the walk of shame on Thursday back from Brazil’s place so I’ll keep that between us as my present; besides it was your birthday and everyone needs a little lovin’ on their birthday (I always knew you were a sucker for the Portuguese language).

I think that’s about enough of that awful joke because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one laughing about it (I’m easily entertained and for the record I’d have the stride of pride going if I nailed a Brazilian so no worries America). I did catch my first fireworks show in awhile on Wednesday and I was pleasantly surprised. I caught the show at Yellow Springs and Dave Chappelle was there and he was dressed up like Prince and running around with sparklers in both hands (it was hilarious).

Not only was it funny but I felt like it was my obligation to mention Dave Chappelle whenever I’m talking about Yellow Springs. In all seriousness those crunchy wookie’s put on one hell of a firework show. On the walk over to the park I was pretty pumped to see some palm tree fireworks because they were my favorite for some unknown reason. After watching the show I’ve changed my favorite to what I’m calling the “Unexpected Boom” (similar to my favorite basketball play of the unexpected out of bounds alley-oop).

My hat goes off to the Chinese who are ordered to work in the firework warehouse by their government because those communist fools know their shit (I mean they did invent the damn things though). I will admit I was a little skeptical of the show because Yellow Springs just didn’t seem like the town that would bring it with blowing shit up but once again I was pleasantly surprised. The town actually lets you sit 50 yards away from the launch point so they're blowing that shit up right over your head.

There wasn’t any palm trees in the show this year and I was slightly disappointed because what doesn’t scream independence and freedom like a palm tree firework made in China? However they did drop a few “Unexpected Booms” on us that were pretty nice. These are the fireworks that they fire but don’t have a tail on the way up so they’re incognito ninja style shooting up into the sky. Then you all of a sudden see the giant firework from like out of nowhere and just as you’re getting over the surprise guerrilla explosion in the sky the boom comes that rattles your chest (right then I feel like an American). The “Unexpected Boom” definitely is my new favorite.

The last firework show I tried to see was a couple years back in Chicago and we thought checking them out downtown by the pier with the lake right there would be cool. It probably would have been if we would have been on the right side of the pier (we basically missed the entire show). At that point in my life I was living in the City of Wind and at my Sports Marketing internship just a few months away my Master’s and hopeful career and life in the Midwest.

Two years later I’ve written a memoir that some don’t think is completely terrible (but some do). I’m finally finishing my Masters but now with an internship in a collegiate athletic department and I’m counting down the days to move back to the South (too many reasons to list but mainly for the southern belles). I’ve been kicking around the idea of advocacy and lobbying and maybe even law school to help other crazies (that’s a joke calm down) out there like me.  I never thought I’d one day want to do something like that but maybe it’s just another “Unexpected Boom” in my life. (BTW I didn’t see Dave Chappelle in Yellow Springs dressed like Prince that’s just ridiculous; he was actually dressed like Rick James, Bitch!).
Since many of my manic experiences involve music I’ve decided to add random music videos to the blog for my enjoyment and your inconvenience. Enjoy!

Coming Correct,