Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life full of mania with a dash of humor and a slice of normality (those are the secret ingredients) Vol 2 Issue 29

Growing up I seemed always to pride myself on my ability to dominate a game of hide and seek. I was always a little quicker than everyone else which played huge in my seeking skills and my slender and agile body build (some may know it as chicken leg syndrome) allowed for great hides. I was so talented at this game that my aunt almost reported me as a missing person (yeah I was that good). Anyhow I decided to try a little hide and seek game with my mania but I’ve learned you can’t hide from fate, especially when it’s Jay Cutler (my arch nemesis).

As some of you may recall I’ve had my “run-ins” with Jay in the past and we’ve had our differences. Well I hadn’t put very much thought to old Jay lately due to my moving back home (and then out to the country), trying to find insurance (finally did, thank you very little), and trying to figure out my next steps (I struck out on my Blue Jackets Internship (haters) so onto the next). But that all changed this Sunday.

As is common knowledge all Sunday’s immediately follow Saturday nights so my story begins (with a coincidence I just noticed, weird) at the ballpark with the Reds versus the Chicago Chubs this past Saturday. This was my first experience in the Diamond seats (all you can eat and drink, real nice place) where I almost make it 15 feet into the door before heckling a Chubs fan (her rebuttal to my heckling was; “ooohhh whatever”, point Derek) and then settled nicely into a few beers. The rest of the night was filled with reminiscing and then forgetting what you were reminiscing about (oh what sweet almost memories). The next day I woke up and found that a cat had shit in my mouth (not literally but tasted a lot like it, don’t ask me how I know that.)

I’m now living out in the sticks with Stubby so I hightail it home in time to watch (or sleep through) the Reds game. I think I’m going to enjoy living out in the sticks for awhile (I mean nothing else has worked so why not). I’ve got a lot more space out there and it’s peaceful (probably two things that couldn’t hurt me right about meow). I’m having some childhood memories come back to me from spending my time growing up out there (from G’ma’s raspberry pies to trying to not lose a finger in the planter with G’pa). I think this place is a good stepping stone to whatever may lay next for me. The only issue is we are so far out in the boondocks that I haven’t found Internet service yet (this means I have to come to Browntown to jump online, inconvenient).

Without the World Wide Web (still don’t know why people don’t use that term more often, it’s kind of fun to say) it was a little difficult to draft my fantasy football team (Yes my name is Cap’n Geech, but Shrimp Shack Shooters wouldn’t fit, close enough). Luckily the worldwide leader in sports also has auto draft so I let fate run its course. But for the record please let it be shown that I moved away from Chicago and let Jay have the town without any of a fight (just the type of guy I am). I packed up and moved out to South Solon (my road doesn’t even have lines) to get away from it all and find myself.

What does fate do to me after my attempts to play nice? It goes ahead and drafts Jay Cutler as my fantasy football quarterback (that’s cold).

Since many of my manic experiences involve music I’ve decided to add random music videos to the blog for my enjoyment and your inconvenience. Enjoy!

Coming Correct,

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