Friday, March 2, 2012

Life full of mania with a dash of humor and a slice of normality (those are the secret ingredients) Vol 4 Issue 8

The last time I went to Vegas everything started out great, the first night on the strip was off the hook (to be honest with you I don’t really remember the first night at all but I’m sure dance offs were involved). The only problem about that first night was that we woke up all accounted for except for one key member of our entourage; the bachelor. We started freaking out because no one could remember what happened the night before and our buddy was missing in Vegas with no phone, no wallet, and little hope.

We obviously started rushing around the Strip retracing our steps trying to find our buddy. I was responsible for running cover with his fiancé so I made up so bullshit excuse that no one was allowed to talk to their own significant other (lame I know but it worked). To make a long story short we ended up finding a tiger and a baby, finding out that our dentist friend married a stripper with his grandmother’s holocaust ring, fought a naked Asian man, and finally found our buddy just in time to make a daring hand off speeding down the highway to get our tuxedos in order to save his wedding…Vegas right?

OK you got me, that’s actually the plot to “The Hangover” but I am heading to Vegas next week. Last time I was there I really didn’t go to a show, see a stripper, do any drugs, gamble, or hook up so I could of basically just gone to King’s Island (they serve beer there too). This time I’m not sure what I’ll get into but I know it won’t be a hooker, I heard they make you wear a condom and if I’m paying it for it I want a raw dog experience if you know what I’m saying (haha I kid I kid). I am going to bet on basketball a lot though.

The race is in Vegas (sorry that’s the NASCAR race, I’m sure there’s a lot of F1 fans out there reading this so I wanted to clarify) next weekend and I think I’m going to maybe try and check it out (somehow). I don’t have tickets and buying them doesn’t sound really fun so I gotta figure something out. When I was young Stubby would take us to watch my uncle be the jackman (and Bobby Bowshier actually race the car I guess) in Xenia for ARCA races and it was pretty easy to sneak in Kil-Kare. That’s because kids got in free and Stubby took full advantage by having us carry in his Margarita (hidden in a McDonald’s cup because who’s going to suspect that, or probably even care I mean it’s Kil-Kare). What an experience let me tell you; sneaking your dad’s alcohol into an ARCA race where the first person you see is a bare-footed woman walk into the port-a-john (ahh childhood memories).

Well it’s March and it’s now been over two years since my last manic episode in The Nasty. I haven’t tried to talk or even think about it all that much. I don’t think I realized just how nervous I was about this winter. If the lithium didn’t work and my chronic manic episodes continued on their two year cycle it would have meant starting all over again; and losing two more years. But lucky for me my levels are good, I’m feeling good, and it appears that the lithium may be just what the doctor ordered (or prescribed; que-evs).

I must admit I am feeling more than a bit of relief knowing that I have a good chance of being healthy for some time and the Vegas trip is a bit of a celebration (I don’t want to jinx it so I’m going to stop talking about). I have one last thing to say though in regards to my celebration next week; Cuzin Jen can you sneak me into the race in Vegas next weekend? I’ll bring the Margaritas.

Since many of my manic experiences involve music I’ve decided to add random music videos to the blog for my enjoyment and your inconvenience. Enjoy!

Coming Correct,

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